eventhread-logoEventhread is a new web app that alerts event goers about upcoming events that are relevant to their specific music tastes and location.
The app looks into multiple event data sources and generates personal event recommendations based on user’s favourite artists, genres, venues and location. The recommendations are then delivered straight to the user via web app and email.

Unique Selling Point

We mash up various event, location and music information services to deliver personalised event recommendations based on user’s tastes, interests, budget and location. Our unique process allows us to deliver rich listings featuring more event information than on other platforms which helps users decide on which events to go to. We save users time by sending tailored weekly recommendation emails on a user’s selected day, so she does not have to proactively search for events and can let our platform do the job.


Main competitors:

• Mobile: Calendo, BandsInTown
• Web: The List, Eventful, Zvents

Unlike our competitors, we suggest only relevant events to each user based on their specific interests in a very clean, focused and easy to use website and also notifies about them in an email without the need to proactively search for events.

Target Market

The UK events’ market is worth approximately £15bn. Our target market is UK-based active and busy individuals aged between 18-30 that regularly go to live music events, festivals, fairs, club nights and comedy or theatre shows.

Business Model

We have 3 revenue streams:
1. Commissions from ticket sales
2. Featured Content Advertising
3. Selling statistical data

The Team

Our team currently consists of 2 co-founders: CTO Tadas Labudis and CMO Renata Pilikinaite. We are both passionate about tech entrepreneurship and we have chosen entrepreneurship as a career path and are determined to succeed. In addition, we are tight-knit team with 3 years experience of working together on 3 start-up ventures and other projects. Last but not least our skillets are complementary.

Tadas Labudis – CEO & Co-founder

•In charge of the vision, strategy, design and development.
•First e-commerce business at age 18, profitable in Year 2.
•4 years experience in Internet startups, e-commerce and web development.

Renata Pilikinaite – CMO & Co-founder

•In charge of marketing, communications, business and customer development
•First e-commerce business at age 19. 400+ customers Worldwide.
•Experienced in marketing activities and social media