Excelerated Apps and ID&C to deliver live contactless voting system at Event Technology Awards

eta - lamianteSocial media based system providers Excelerated Applications and RFID wristband and badge suppliers ID&C have teamed-up to deliver a real-time, contactless voting system at the inaugural Event Technology Awards.

Taking place at Supernova, a pop-up venue in Central London, award ceremony guests will each receive a laminate pass with an embedded RFID chip. Guests will have the opportunity to opt-in and link their pass to their social media networks, allowing them to check-in and cast a live vote by ‘tapping’ their badge against one of the roaming RFID readers situated around the venue.

Participants will be voting for what they believe will be the most important event tech trend in 2014. The cast votes will be shown on screens in real-time, with the results revealed at the end of the evening.

Event Technology Awards organiser Adam Parry said “RFID and other contactless technologies are among the biggest game-changers in the event industry right now. To be showcasing a real-life example of the technology during a ceremony that is recognising some of the best suppliers in the field is the perfect synergy.

A panel discussion on the impact of contactless technologies on the event industry will feature as part of the Event Technology Awards Conference, due to take place from 9.30am – 4.00pm prior to the award ceremony at the same venue.

Further information on the Event Tech Awards and Conference, including ticket details are available at http://www.eventtechnologyawards.co.uk/tickets/