is our startup great? What makes a startup great?

Our vision, our people, our products.

The social internet is changing the world. Events, at their core, are social. The technology and marketing methods of events do not leverage the social internet and the existing disparate registration, analytics and website tools make it near impossible to take advantage of attendee and exhibitors’ social activity and connections.

Exhibitions that continue to rely on the decreasing effectiveness of email marketing will not be the ones that thrive in the future. Glean’s products use the social internet to increase registration and conversion.

So who are we?
The company was founded by Ajay Mathur, Paul Birch, and Peter Richards. It is Ajay & Peter’s second start-up, their first being a social network for gardeners. Paul is a serial internet entrepreneur (co-founder of Birthday Alarm & Bebo).

Tamar Beck (15 years at Reed Exhibitions) is now CEO, and we have grown to a team of 8. As well as a talented full-time team we have have an exciting set of private & institutional investors including Lord Clive Hollick – former CEO of UBM – and EC1 Capital.

And what do we do?
Our first product helps exhibitions manage and understand their Twitter marketing and community activity around their show. Our early-adopter customers include some of the largest exhibition brands like the World Travel Market and Ecobuild.

Our website & registration product is now in live trial with a mini event at World Travel Market. Building on exhibitor & attendee’s existing social profiles, personalises the online experience. From highlighting speakers to targeted ’recommend a friend’ messages, by making the event about you, your connections, and how you are already engaged with the brand we drive engagement ahead of time, increasing registration and conversion.

All of this integrates with our simple, real-time tracking tool which provides insight into the effectiveness of each marketing channel. By putting social at the core of all our products, this puts hard metrics against what can too often be seen as a “fluffy nice-to-have” and demonstrates the business value social provides.