Meethub Ltd

meethub_rgb_no_sig_darkgreenNew business is created when people meet. Events bring together busy people that want to network in a single place. It is hard to meet the right people, at the right place and time without having to exchange several messages, peer at participants’ badges, and be ruthless with your time. Meethub solves this issue by managing meeting requests and schedules smartly, respecting availability and security.


People invest in representing their company at events with the clear objective of networking to engage with potential partners or customers. This investment does not often have a high return because it is hard to prepare an agenda for on-site face-to-face meetings with the most relevant people. Organisers set up business matching activities to promote one-to-one meetings between delegates – and this usually requires high effort to coordinate.


Meethub enables delegates to maximise their business networking by providing a simple solution for scheduling face-to-face meetings. It gives organisers a platform to enhance the value of their event and effortlessly manage meeting spaces.

Meethub can run in 3 different modes:
1. Open Networking: delegates set their availability and select others they would like to meet. Meeting locations are chosen by the sender from a list created by the organiser, or are a free choice.
2. Matchmaking: meeting places (e.g. tables) are automatically assigned. Organisers can effortlessly manage the spaces for one-to-one meetings.
3. Mentoring: organisers can assign particular spaces to specific participants where all their meetings take place. This suits investment events, job fairs, recruitment events, and ‘provider-led’ business brokerage.

Meethub launched web and mobile apps in October 2012 and provided it to different types of events with the objective of testing the approach, and identifying which types of events we should target. This allowed us to gather usage statistics and very positive feedback both from organisers and participants. We are experiencing steady growth, increasing our customer base and gaining repeated customers.


1. Multi-event: people don’t need to use different apps for each event they attend: keep track of all events and meetings in one place. After the event, users can still engage with the people they couldn’t meet.
2. Automatic Scheduling: Meethub automatically schedules the meetings according to the availability of participants and meeting places, disrupting the typical process of having to exchange several messages to find the right time.
3. Business model: we have a pay-per-use pricing model where organisers pay 4€ for each participant that uses Meethub. They can publish an event on the platform for free and have no risk adopting Meethub. This model reflects the value and success of the platform in events.

Event organisers worldwide are more seriously looking at networking solutions and we believe it is time to transform networking – focussed on getting the right people face-to-face.