logo-sponsiaSponsia.com is the online marketplace facilitating the connection between sponsors and organisers of events, causes and activities.

Sponsia gives professional and non-professional event organisers the opportunity to find interested sponsors, manage relations and raise funds. Sponsors, on the other hand, benefit from a wide choice of activities that could bring their brands and business fruitful connection with their target customers, thus influencing the awareness, image and sales.

We are creating a multisided online platform (www.sponsia.com) that will help smaller events get sponsored and on the other end link bigger brands and SME businesses efficiently to cheap niche sponsorship opportunities packed in bundles representing their target client groups. We also help bigger events break down their sponsorable property, so they can sell more of what they have to advertisers with smaller budgets.

Our main differential is the focus on smaller events, offering more services to all users in one place and our focus on Europe. We are planning to use innovative distribution strategy and use the crowd sourcing power of the net to reach critical mass of small events much quicker and provide cost efficient solutions for SME sponsors who are usually out of the game due to limited budgets.

Sponsia brings sponsorship to a new level by giving new opportunities, providing flexibility and suggesting new budget-friendly formats of sponsoring – beneficial for both sides.

The company is founded by Milen Ivanov and Teodosy Teodosiev on the 20th of November 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

For 3 months while moving from alpha to beta version Sponsia already managed to close over 100 sponsorship deals and book real cash in revenues.

Sponsia is backed up by Eleven – a EUR 12 million venture fund that provides financing to early-stage startups, powered by Springboard, the leading European startup accelerator.

Sponsia’s plans for the near future include mobile application development and preparation to enter bigger markets like the UK and the Gulf region in the autumn of 2013.