Wrist Marketing Ltd

Wrist-Logo-SmallWrist Marketing’s personalized Bar-coded, QR Coded and RFID Wristbands are unique to the market. Designed, developed, manufactured and supported by Wrist Marketing they comprise of full colour and branded RFID Wristband stock which can be processed through desk-top RFID Printers. Each Wristband is unique and personalized, cannot be copied, robust and comfortable to wear.

The aim has been to develop a product that is easy and convenient for Ticketing Agents to handle and process. Our RFID Wristbands can be processed in the same way as a ticket. The RFID Wristband is read by the printer and the UID associated with the customer’s registration records on the ticketing database. No information is held on the wristband. Personalised Bar-codes, QR Codes, Text, Dates etc can then be printed onto a section of the wristband.

Savings on postage can be made as the RFID Wristband can be sent out via standard mail to the customer as a ticket. On receipt the customer can scan the QR Code which loads a unique web-page personalized to the customer. This starts a one-to-one dialogue between the festival, sponsor, promoter or artist. At the access points no ticket/wristband exchange is required so no queues and no extra resources to man the exchange. With credit loaded onto the wristband customer need not take vulnerable wads of cash. They can review, manage and top-up the credit on the wristband at any time. Parents can monitor spend to ensure credit does not run out. Refunds can be made after the event or kept on the books for future events. This enhances cash-flow, eliminates shrinkage and cash management costs, increases spend and provides valuable inventory and consumer data. An anticipated revenue increase of 20% is expected and has been proven at previous events.

The technology innovation concerns the RFID Wristband which has full colour print with a thermally coated section for human readable personalised content. The RFID Inlay is integrated within the substrate so invisible. Anti tamper slots protect the adhesive fastener. RFID Wristband stock is supplied in “fan-fold” with customised desk-top RFID Printers processing each wristband quickly and efficiently. Personalised RFID Wristbands can be issued from anywhere there is internet connectivity – call centres, ticketing agents, retail outlets, box offices etc.

If the RFID Wristband is lost or stolen it is cancelled off the database with a new one issued.

Also supplied are all the necessary wireless, scanning and data management facilities. The commercial arrangements are modeled in such a way that no extra cost from existing wristband budgets is exceeded with additional costs levied from savings and increased revenue post event.

Featured benefits from RFID Wristbands include:- Ticketing, Access Control, Social Media Integration, Cashless, Enhanced Welfare, Accredited Staff management and monitoring, Data Mining, Marketing, Sponsor Engagement, Dynamic Event Information.